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May 2010 :  Novel diagnostics for depression

Ministerie van Economische ZakenA research programme was granted for the development of diagnostic tools for depression. The four-year programme is a collaboration of the initiator of the project (Brainlabs), private health care (Bohlmeyer Holding), chip development (Lionix) and academic partners (Wageningen University and RUG). The RUG participates in this program with the departments of Biological Psychiatry (UMCG) and Molecular Neurobiology (FWN). The total budget is 3.5 M€ and includes 1.7 M€ support from the ministry of Economic Affairs and the Provinces Gelderland and Overijssel. Aim is the development of a low-cost chip for the detection of components in the blood that are indicative of the state of depression of patients. The RUG team will carry out experimental research on optimal selection of depression markers and their scientific validation

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